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Our approach

After we have met with you for the first time, we give you the option to instruct us to undertake a full review which typically involves the following stages:

Discovery meeting (meeting #1)

If you do decide to work with us then we will arrange a discovery meeting. This meeting typically lasts for 90 minutes and is all about getting to know you, your financial goals, dreams and aspirations and why they are important to you. We will also discuss your assets, liabilities and income, your future income needs and establish your risk profile.

Following the discovery meeting we then get to work behind the scenes. We take all of your information and start to identify the appropriate solutions, acquiring valuations wherever appropriate. All of this is then put into a report that we will discuss with you at the next stage.

Solution meeting (meeting #2)

At the solution meeting we present our report and recommendations, checking that we have made the right assumptions and agreeing actions and priorities. We will then go and sort out any necessary paperwork, initiate the application process, set up the appropriate account(s) and populate the final plan.

Implementation meeting (meeting #3)

The implementation meeting is where we present the final plan, get you to sign the appropriate paperwork and get review meetings in the diary (the frequency of these depends on the level of service you have agreed with us).

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